Millionaires Club I Jackpot

Millionaires Club I Jackpot

Millionaires Club I Jackpot Slots Game

Millionaires – whether you love or hate them, chances are: you want to be them.  Do they drink champagne for breakfast each morning, only bothering to leave their luxurious homes when they really feel like it?  Do they splurge on lavish niceties without a second thought spared, pausing only to reflect on the goodness of creature comforts as they dine on caviar lunches and plan trips to remote destinations only destined for the super-rich?

Whatever the case may be, having all that you’ve ever wanted, ready and waiting at your fingertips, is reserved for a select few: The Millionaires Club.

Millionaires Club I Jackpot is the first in the Millionaires Club Jackpot trilogy – Millionaires Club I Jackpot, Millionaires Club II Jackpot, and finally, Millionaires Club II Top 20 Jackpot.

As the name suggests, Millionaires Club I Jackpot is all about the lavish lives of the super wealthy.  The slot features 3 reels and only 1 payline, its biggest lure being the chance of winning the cumulative progressive jackpot.  All three instalments in the Millionaires Club Jackpot trilogy form part of the collective progressive jackpot – the value of which, at any given time, is displayed in real time at the top of the game interface.

Millionaires Club I Jackpot

Despite the fact that Millionaires Club I Jackpot slot doesn’t include a wild or a scatter symbol, standard symbols still function in the conventional way – 3 of a kind constitutes a win.

Symbols include a luxury sports car, a fancy watch, a ring made of gold, a heap of cash, a horseshoe for a spot of luck, a sailboat and diamonds.

Payouts vary from 12 credits for a set of three horseshoes, to 1 500 credits for 3 diamonds.

The game includes a bonus symbol, represented by the Millionaires Club I Jackpot Logo.  This symbol is the key to the Bonus Game as well as the chance at winning the Progressive Jackpot.

Bonus Game

Only one bonus symbol is required in order to activate the Millionaires Club I Jackpot Bonus Game.

As soon as the bonus game is activated, a Jackpot Wheel appears on screen, spinning automatically.  The Jackpot Wheel comprises of numbers and of arrows.  If the Jackpot Wheel comes to a stop on a number,  random cash prize is paid out.  If, however, it rests on an arrow, the game will advance to the next level – each level offering bigger prizes than the previous level.

The game is made up of four levels – the fourth level being that of instant millionaire.

Whenever a cash prize is paid out, the game will reset and return to the original base game.

Maximum Bet

The game must be played at Maximum Bet in order for the progressive jackpot to be won.  At 3 credits per spin, playing at maximum bet will not break the bank.

The simplicity of the slot adds to the playability.  With no complicated rules and paytable combinations to figure out, the only thing that remains to do is to spin the reels and aim for the jackpot.